LED Skylights

from Artificial Sky

Our revolutionary LED Skylights mimic actual skylights and use proprietary human-centric LED lighting to help reduce stress & anxiety and bring the outdoors in without any structural changes, the possibility of water leakage, or construction dust. Using the Theory of Visual Perception, we have developed an exclusive snap-on skylight frame system to add realism and depth, along with an exclusive sky imagery collection that is 1,000,000 times larger than the normal high-resolution pictures taken by photographers and artists, made especially for larger sky ceilings using NASA technology! LED Skylights are dimmable and come in individual sizes of 2ft x 2ft, 2ft x 4ft and even larger 4ft x 4ft with European market sizes of 60cm x 60cm, 60cm x 120cm and 120cm x 120cm. Custom Artificial Sky ceilings, whether LED skylights or Virtual Sky can be made in any shape and size with no limitations whatsoever.
LED Skylights by Artificial Sky