from BalancedCare by Axis Lighting

Multiple options, including thru-wall, illuminate floor for safer nighttime navigation in patient room, patient bathroom, and corridors. Typically installed 18″ above finished floor with clean, 90-degree cut-off to mitigate light trespass.

  • Rectangular and oval faceplates, horizontal and vertical mounting
  • Steplights mount to a standard junction box
  • 90° cutoff obstructs light trespass
  • Multiple LED choices: White 2700 – 4000K, Amber or Blue
  • Activation by photocell sensor
  • Pre-set light level can be adjusted up or down during installation
  • Semi-recessed; faceplates extend only 5/8″ off wall
  • Soft contoured design prevents dust collection and is easy to clean
Steplights by BalancedCare by Axis Lighting