Dental Clinic Carcaixent

  • area / size 2,799 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Location Valencia, Spain,
  • Vitale used warm tones to create a welcoming environment at Dental Clinic Carcaixent in Valencia, Spain.

    The new dental clinic designed for Dra. Lucía Hernández is located on the ground floor of a traditional house in the old town of Carcaixent in the Ribera Alta of Valencia. The interior design project of the new premises and the renewal of the brand aims to reposition the brand in its environment and enhance the identity of a clinic with a high level of care. The creative axis highlights the concept of “boutique clinic” that defines the way of being and doing of the doctor, which offers a highly personalized treatment in which the importance of detail and a fluid doctor-patient communication prevail.

    The involvement and commitment of the team are focused on generating a positive and trustworthy experience. This is reflected in the design of a visual identity of organic evocation and in the formal and chromatic language developed in the interior design. The project reinforces the feeling of optimism, health and well-being through friendly environments that provide the vegetal patterns and the textures of the stone.

    The design of the clinic is based on a dialogue between the original architecture of the building and the perception of the business philosophy. The reclaimed wood gate gives access to a spacious hall in which an inspiring line of light on the pavement invites you to discover the clinic and its interior patio. This area acts as a distributor of the public area with two waiting rooms, the reception and an office.

    A backlit circular moat exposes the old wood-beamed ceilings and marks a central area of first contact in front of the reception and office. The clinic reception is upholstered and welcoming. It is accompanied by a decorative plant-inspired lamp, also a Vitale design for the project.

    The fluted glass partitions provide an optimal level of privacy and natural lighting to the rooms. In waiting rooms, a curved perimeter curtain and warm indirect lighting are used to create a comfortable environment that conveys a sense of protection.

    A unique monocolor tunnel formed by the intersection of three semicircular arches acts as a transition element and also functions as an access distributor to the radiology room and the public bathroom.

    The tunnel leads to the inner courtyard around which the medical area is organized with 4 treatment cabinets, the laboratory, the sterilization room and the private area for the staff with an office and changing rooms.

    It is a glazed and upholstered patio with a freeze-dried plant wall that becomes the soul of the clinic. The clinic’s main point of contact with patients is a spectacular setting that floods the treatment rooms with natural light and synthesizes the brand’s health and wellness message.

    Cabinets allow for a pleasant patient experience with warm indirect lighting that provides calm and comfort. A 3D effect ceramic coating is used to upholster the wall, playing with light.

    The corporate colors and the brand are a fundamental part of the design. They are present at all times and subtly accompany the visitor and the patient. Vitale designs an evocative corporate space that connects with all the clinic’s audiences and recreates a singular, honest and positive environment. A space that reflects on the one hand optimism and well-being and on the other a special and exclusive treatment.

    Design: Vitale
    Photography: Santiago Martín