UW Health – Pleasant T. Rowland Transplant Clinic at University Hospital

  • area / size 27,300 sqft
  • Completed 2023
  • Type Clinic,
  • Flad Architects completed the Pleasant T. Rowland Transplant Clinic at University Hospital for UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin.

    Flad Architects designed the renovation of UW Health’s Transplant Clinic. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, it’s one of the nation’s oldest, largest, and most successful transplant clinics.

    While organ transplantation requires extensive testing across multiple hospital departments, the process of moving between various appointments throughout the hospital, combined with long days of testing and evaluations, can be stressful for patients and their families as well as providers and staff.

    With that in mind, UW Health aimed to create a better, more streamlined experience for everyone involved in the crucial, life-giving process of organ transplantation and living donation. Flad led the design effort for a new transplant clinic, hospital entry, and supporting spaces in partnership with UW Health Planning, Design, and Construction. By moving adult transplant patient care areas from the hospital’s lower level to a prominent location at the hospital entry, the project provides a new home and much needed space for growth of the UW Health’s world-class transplant center.

    The exterior of the hospital’s redesigned entrance features a modern, welcoming patient experience with enhanced wayfinding, improved traffic flows, and a valet station. The new interior lobby includes enhancements for guest services including a digital information wall and guest services podium to greet visitors immediately upon arrival.

    Located directly off the new hospital entry, the new transplant clinic is designed to consolidate a full spectrum of patient services to one location, minimizing the need for patients to visit other areas of the hospital. Flexible exam rooms, prep and recovery rooms, infusion and procedure rooms, private consultation rooms, blood draw, and registration, along with a comforting and inviting family lounge are now co-located in a central location.

    Interior finishes provide warmth and brightness to the space, and the integration of windows provides daylight and views from the waiting area and exam rooms. Highlighting the waiting area is an illuminated art installation featuring names of living organ donors and the transplant journey of Pleasant T. Rowland, whose donation made the renovation possible. The interactive design provides a searchable database allowing visitors, families, and patients the opportunity to learn more about these generous gifts.

    These design elements combine to create a healing environment that highlights the hope and inspiration of the UW Health Transplant Center. A clean and bright design palette, the living donor wall, and reflective glass walls help infuse the space with hope and inspiration.

    To optimize use of space on the main floor for patient services, the staff work area is located on the level below the new clinic. This area includes workspaces for staff and providers, telehealth rooms, huddle rooms, and shared support spaces. An open workspace provides opportunity for collaboration between service lines and teams.

    By expanding the footprint for transplant patient care and consolidating a wide range of transplant services in one convenient location, the project will support growth of this program of distinction for UW Health, enhancing its focus on patient-centered care and furthering its reputation as one of the country’s leading transplant centers.

    Design: Flad Architects
    Experiential Design and MediaZEBRADOG
    Photography: C&N Photography