Midvale Senior Center

  • area / size 20,560 sqft
  • Completed 2015
  • Location Midvale, Utah, , United States
  • Type Senior Care,
  • EDA Architects completed the design for the Midvale Senior Center located in Midvale, Utah.

    As part of an effort to overcome the negative connotations of traditional senior centers, the Midvale Senior Center utilizes spa and hospitality design approaches and incorporates more personal fitness and group exercise spaces than any other center in Salt Lake County’s 19-facility system. To enhance inter-generational engagement, the Center also includes an innovative café format that provides lunch to seniors as well as coffee, beverages, pastries and sandwiches to the general public during the day. Designed for adults who are 60 years and older, the Senior Center impacts the lives of “the young and the old, the frail and the active, the retired and the working”. In response to the diverse needs and preferences of this user group, the Center is a highly flexible and multi-functional facility designed to meet the evolving market demands of aging adults.

    ArchitectEDA Architects
    Design Team: Tom Brennan, Robert Herman, Daniel Rogers, Angela Stevenson, Rachel Bergeson
    Contractor: Stallings Construction
    Photography: Paul Richer