Clinica Miyake

  • area / size 5,381 sqft
  • Completed 2018
  • Location São Paulo, Brazil,
  • Type Clinic,
  • Betty Birger Arquitetura & Design has delivered a design to merge Dr. Kasuo Miyake’s two clinics under one roof called the  Clinica Miyake located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    The Miyake Clinic works as a Day Hospital and therefore the project’s concept was designed to promote the correct flows in order to clarify the organization of the circulation of physicians, patients, inputs and waste products. In the center of the floor, the volume coated with extra-clear white screened glass houses the back office, in addition to directing the flow distribution into the clinic. From the reception, which is embedded in a glazed box, the patient accesses the living room and coffee room, a large and cozy space that, by rearranging the existing furniture, becomes an informal auditorium where Dr. Kasuo Miyake teaches courses and lectures. Through an automatic glass door, the patient goes into the administrative core and has access to the treatment rooms.

    The path is marked by a luminous trace that, in addition to drawing the flow, brings a technological language and refers to the laser, a fundamental element of the treatments performed in the clinic. The offices are integrated into special procedure rooms called Flebosuites, which are equipped for diagnosis and vascular treatment with the CLaCS method.

    The techniques developed in the clinic raises the interest of doctors internationally, so the spaces are prepared to receive colleagues for courses and demonstrations. Integrated into Dr. Kasuo’s personal office, the library houses small groups and has polarized glass partitions where it’s possible to make notes during meetings.

    With access from the left side of the reception is the day hospital. The Surgical Center complies with the regulations of the Brazilian regulatory body, ANVISA, with wide corridors, pharmacy, nursing station, purge, sterilization, anesthetic preparation and recovery beds.

    The patients’ entrance is through the suite with bathroom adapted for all special needs, while the medical staff has an alternate entrance through the locker rooms – which is also equipped with cabinets for visiting doctors. The virtual project took around 3 months and the building other 3 months.

    DesignerBetty Birger Arquitetura & Design
    Photography: Renato Stockler