Comas-Pont Arquitectes

The architecture as an enhancer of place’s specific characteristics

The studio is composed by a reduced technical young, team which works in hand to an exhaustive multidisciplinary team composed by engineers, landscape architects, economists, historians, artists,…

Our projects come from a reflection on the relationship of the building to its surroundings and its program. Each project represents an opportunity to meet one reality, to capture feelings of that place, of the climate, of the people, and the project create new links to improve some live way of each individual program.

The building program gives meaning to its architecture: the space proportions, connections, light, everything must to be combined to provide the ideal climate for each specific use. But there should be a correspondence between the building and specific cultural references of the site, the context, to get a sense of belonging.

Thus, the representation, the building scale, construct solutions and materials is always subject to the program and context, achieving a specific architecture for every time.

Our buildings pretend to be sustainable, from de beginning of the project we provide them with solutions on the programme’s home and situation in the slot, according to the place and economic and available resources.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
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