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Studio Nine Architects redesigned Adelaide Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery’s spaces with a patient-focused approach, creating a welcoming atmosphere through thoughtful design choices, high-quality materials, and careful planning for functional efficiency.

Ankrom Moisan‘s design of the University of Washington Medical Center’s 6N and 7N units prioritizes comfort and functionality with flexible patient rooms, biophilic elements, and isolation capabilities for future pandemic readiness.

Reflect Architecture designed a bold and innovative space for boutique eye care provider Lumea in Toronto, challenging traditional clinic layouts and emphasizing a client-focused, immersive experience within The Well urban project.

WIT Design & Research created a Cardiac Telemedicine Hospital in Sanya, with a “deinstitutionalized” spatial design featuring heart-shaped ceiling and vibrant colors to create a comforting atmosphere for patients.

Entre Quatre Murs presents an innovative plastic surgery clinic in Montreal, harmonizing soft shapes, materials, and colors to create a humanized, serene, and elegant medical environment with organic inspiration.

Hoefer Welker designed Corpus Christi’s new VA clinic as an efficient, healing space inspired by the ocean, featuring natural elements, transparency, and sustainability for enhanced patient care and staff well-being.

ID21 designed and built Parkway Shenton Republic Plaza Clinic in Singapore, emphasizing hospitality, wellness, and sustainability through a calming environment and elegant design features.

HGA and Denton House designed Metrodora Institute, the first integrated medical center for neuroimmune axis disorders, combining innovative research labs and comprehensive patient care facilities in Salt Lake City.

FCA transformed Newark Beth Israel Medical Center’s campus with a modern design, integrating healthcare needs with urban planning elements such as sustainable features and community-focused enhancements.

VITALE designed Dentibela Dental Clinic in Spain, focusing on humanizing dentistry, creating emotional bonds, reducing anxiety, and enhancing functionality for patient well-being.

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