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Tour Montage Health Ohana Center for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health by NBBJ

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VITALE designed Dentibela Dental Clinic in Spain, focusing on humanizing dentistry, creating emotional bonds, reducing anxiety, and enhancing functionality for patient well-being.

Within Studio transformed a plastic surgery clinic in Tucson into a calming environment with nature-infused colors, organic elements, and custom details, reflecting the client’s philosophy of hope and self-discovery.

NBBJ designed the Montage Health Ohana Center for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health, incorporating nature, movement, and art to create a healing environment for behavioral health patients and caregivers.

MADA design factory was tasked to renovate Bangkok Hospital’s inpatient wards with an “Urban Sanctuary” concept focusing on creating a comfortable environment using soothing colors and natural elements.

ft3 Architecture designed the new Ronald McDonald House Manitoba in Canada, emphasizing a home-like environment for families with children requiring medical care, with play structures and communal areas.

One’s Clinic by 100A associates in Seoul focuses on creating a meditative healing environment through abstract design elements, emphasizing balance and tranquility for patient-centered care.

HED collaborated with Ascension St. John to design a separate, engaging pediatric emergency department in Detroit, featuring a fun and private space with specialized treatment rooms and a patient-centric layout.

The Collaborative designed Hoaglin Wellness Center at Denison University with adaptable spaces, natural light, native plants, and advanced air filtration for student well-being.

The Tanner West Georgia Surgery Center by HLGstudio prioritizes patient comfort and healing through innovative healthcare design, blending nature-inspired elements with cutting-edge technology.

DRAW Collective designed Clarion Health & Wellness Center, incorporating multi-specialty practices, diagnostic services, and outpatient physical therapy for comprehensive patient care.

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