Dean/Wolf Architects

New York City-based Dean/Wolf Architects have been praised for their uncanny ability to turn architectural constraints into powerful generators of form.

Kathryn Dean and her office have completed residential and institutional projects at a variety of scales. The office uses architectural design to reinforce the identities of individuals and institutions — supporting a rich dialogue between buildings, their users, and the environments they inhabit. Through constructive collaborations with clients, agencies, consultants, and builders, Dean/Wolf has a reputation for providing unique transformational designs.

All of these projects are distinguished by a highly thought-provoking manipulation of light and space. The firm’s award-winning loft interiors are small-scale wonders precisely crafted from sensual materials such as concrete, steel, maple, and glass. Dean/Wolf activates these highly resonant materials with deliberately focused light in order to dissolve boundaries of interior and exterior space. For Dean/Wolf, this requires not only a consideration of physical space, but also a psychological engagement between the client’s mind and the space they inhabit.

The commitment and passion learned in the small scale projects evolves the recent public work. The office recognizes that institutions construct collective identities that bind communities to the city. Dean/Wolf expresses these visceral collective desires through dynamic memorable spaces that reinforce the identities and realms that we share. Whether end users share a profession, have a utilitarian need, gather for an intellectual endeavor, or desire a place of leisure, Dean/Wolf Architects translate the same intensity of refinement and craft into the civic scale.

Location: New York City, New York
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