Frederico Roeber

Frederico Roeber “Fred” (1985) is a Portuguese architect based in Oporto.

He graduated with Honours from his Master’s degree in Architecture at ESAP (Escola Superior Artística do Porto), in 2010, and has been developing projects as a freelance architect ever since. Fred gained extensive professional experience working in several architecture studios such as ADD Architekten (Viena) and José Carlos Cruz Architecto (Oporto).

His projects are characterized by a personal proximity to the project, always being closely followed-up, since the very beginning of the conceptual design, throughout the construction phase, to its interior design and furniture selection.

The proximity to each project, follows a rational organization of space, and assures a balance between functionality, texture, light and warmth in order to create an harmonious and comfortable atmosphere. Our philosophy is that each project has its unique features and so the final solutions have to adapt to those living in the designed area.

Fred has an ongoing activity in Portugal, exploring his passion on developing unique projects and finding personalized solutions for each situation. So, if you’d like to know more about FR.RO projects, please do reach out to us.

Location: Porto, Portugal
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