32 Smiles Dental Clinic

  • area / size 1,000 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location Bengaluru, India,
  • House of Ruya designed a modern and welcoming space for the 32 Smiles Dental Clinic in Bengaluru, India.

    Located in the bustling part of H.S.R layout in South Bangalore is a recently completed 1000 sq. ft dental clinic designed by Bangalore-based boutique architecture and interior studio House of Ruya. Principal designer Aishwarya Govind led the interior design and brand refresh for the 32 Smiles clinic’s chain. “Our design strategy was to craft a minimal, fresh, and serene environment offering an elevated dental experience and allowing its patients to feel at ease” shares Aishwarya.

    The architect wanted to elevate the existing brands’ original spaces and make them feel cohesive. There was a heightened focus on marrying local materials with expensive materials like brass accents and warm oak, transforming the notion of using inexpensive materials and lending the clinic a contemporary, elegant touch. Designed in the continual presence of nature, through planting inside and green vistas outside, the clinic provides a refreshing experience for its patients.

    The clinic has been prudently planned to prioritise functional and easy movement. Once inside, a cold monolithic sadarahalli granite reception desk sits in front of a warm checkered oak veneer panel welcoming patients before their appointments. An opulent gold-finished logo was juxtaposed against the rough stone wall. A small waiting area sits opposite the reception. Blue and green tones accent the space, soothing the nerves of the patients visiting the clinic. The rest of the clinic is partitioned into three main zones — lounge, treatment area, and service area. The dental lounge is a secondary waiting space for the next immediate patient or family assisting the patient.

    The treatment areas are the active nodes of the clinic. Low ceiling heights and multiple columns posed a challenge, which was combated by raising the floor of the treatment area by 4” to create a distinction and hide service lines. Two dental chairs were placed in the open zone, and the third had a more private set-up. All three treatment areas were dotted with indoor planting, making a subtle nod to the views of the treetops outside. Continuing the checkered panel design from the outside to the inside, Aishwarya designed lightweight square partitions stacked one above the other in brass and fluted glass, interspersed with planter boxes. This not only served as a divider of the open treatment areas but a focal element anchoring the space. A more robust wooden partition with a fluted glass in-fill provided privacy to the exclusive treatment area meant for children or patients who came in for longer procedures. The team designed a perforated brass metal structure in the ceiling filled with faux creepers and cove lighting, inducing a sense of nature in the private treatment area. A cobalt blue storage cabinet housing everything the dentist requires for their procedures spans the entire length of the open and private treatment area, complementing the wooden tones and green canopy on the outside.

    House of Ruya paired local materials like sadarahalli with luxe materials like polished brass to provide a contemporary aesthetic to the 32 Smiles clinic. A common design language of grooved stone, panelled walls, dark wood flooring, brass tones, and abundant greenery characterises each space differently while providing continuity and giving the clinic a soft and domestic sensibility.

    Design: House of Ruya
    Design Team: Aishwarya Govind, Sreelakshmi Lalu, Nitra Isaac, Bhuvaneshwari Ganapathy
    Photography: Phosart Studio