Office . Generate Inter – Architecture

OGIA works in the various fields like urban, architecture, interior and research focusing on the relationships between people’s life and the connection.

OGIA suggests the integrated approaches in the sensibility and strategy resulted from the analyzing via spatial, functional and programmatic ways based on the research about the effects caused from the relationship between architecture and the conditions about diverse issues of the environment we live in.

OGIA aims the design practice for creating the maximized synergy generated by them and pursues the value that the whole process could contribute to social sustainability for people from all walks of life.

OGIA believes that individual life as member of society and the various elements / fields surrounded are in the mega structure of circulation with the deep relationship effected by each other and the interactions generated by the maximized connections between them make our quality of life to be much richer.

Location: Seoul, South Korea
Learn More: http://o-gia.com/?ckattempt=2#11
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