Jae-Young Seong Ease Dermatology Clinic

  • area / size 2,777 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Location Busan, South Korea,
  • Type Clinic,
  • OGIA used deep sea colors and natural plants to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for Jae-Young Seong Ease Dermatology Clinic in Busan, South Korea.

    The space is with the daily philosophy of “little slowly”, “walking slowly” which people are all full with beautiful health staying comfortable from the inner mind escaping from their busy daily life.

    In the tired daily life of South Korean society which is famous for labor of long hours throughout the world and the hurry-hurry culture in which everything has been dramatically frenetic, we dream of escaping from our normal life. That is, people dream of escaping from their private community or boundary, for instance, workers dream of escaping from their company and housewives dream of escaping from their house.

    We wish to draw the space where people could relax and stay slowly in a comfortable feeling coming to the square after escaping from their daily space.

    Blue color, like a deep sea, expresses the ideal world of the slow aesthetics which is the meaning of escaping from daily life and the new place where people find the relaxed mind. It is the conceptual place of meaning that people find out the beautiful health and refreshed mind through natural plants and the blue color forgetting the tired daily life in the square.

    The color combined with natural plants contains a comfortable and relaxed feeling of mother nature, it makes people feel vivid and clear energy in the space like skin’s vitality. The color expressed with the properties of diverse materials like acrylic, metal, fabric, and natural plants create the spatial sensibility in the strong life force of mother nature.

    The city space generally divides 2 kinds of the area like private space, where it has specific purposes like residence and commercial area for staying, eating and buying, and public space for the public. When we walk down the street as the connector between them, people reach the aimless square as a public space where welcome to people without a certain purpose.

    Namely, people’s movement towards space tends to follow their certain purpose like working, eating and shopping. Whether the purpose is their desire and needs or not, after escaping from them, people’s walking reach the end of the boundary; the square, faced with a comfortable relaxing mind without any purpose freely.

    We plan that the space, where it seems to be like a concise small city, divides 2 kinds of spaces ; public space of the main lobby ” the square ” and private space of “ functional space”. We place the public space as the meaning of the square in the centre of the plan where users have easy access for enjoying a comfortable atmosphere and the private spaces of various programs are arranged according to the square following the functional sequence in proper relation for the efficient circulation and activities.

    The long corridor as the connector like “street” arranged in the boundary between the public and private space, makes users experience “the slow aesthetics” leading to the slow process for reaching each area.

    Moreover, walking down the corridor generates people to meditate during the period to reach the square of curiosity and when they arrive at the square, their inner mind explodes in relaxed feeling.

    We hope that this space as their square could be a part of the memory about relaxing daily life for people in which people are comfortable peacefully without human’s different goals of various desires escaping from their stressful life, and socialized with various stories over the typical styles of general skin clinics.

    Design: OGIA
    Photography: Myung-Gu Kim