Qiarq arquitectura + design

qi – synonymous of energy. Architecture energy. Design energy. Energy of language. Energy of light. Shadow’s energy. Energy of the chair. Energy of the pavement. Energy of the luminaire. Energy of earth. Energy of Life.

arq – synonymous of architecture and everything that is intrinsic to it.

qiarq – aims to make architecture in its simplest form of energy and based on principles such as balance, simplicity, harmony, geometry, rigor, straightness and frontality.

In 2013 the first doodles started, but it is only in 2018, and after a few years of individual experience and collaboration with other offices, that Qiarq launches into the world as a brand.

Always willing to embrace new challenges, Qiarq wins its place in the market by offering a differentiated service based on structural concepts that believes to be the most genuine, fair and effective to develop the art of designing architecture.

On website and other social networks, Qiarq shows the materialization of some dreams and needs that people kindly told her about. And yes, architecture is not possible without people and without their dreams.

Location: Portugal
Learn More: https://qiarq.com
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