Espaço S

  • area / size 1,184 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Location Aveiro, Portugal,
  • Qiarq arquitectura + design was given the task of making a welcoming and comfortable space for maternity care at Espaço S in Aveiro, Portugal.

    Architecture is seeing birth and making life projects happen. And if so, this is undoubtedly an excellent example. An open space, ready to receive such important areas as physical rehabilitation, women’s health, baby’s health, family health, well-being and nutrition. These are some of the areas that combined with a simple and committed working spirit, direct and without prejudice make the image of this clinic.

    The key concepts for the development of this clinic begin with neutrality and minimalism (technical floors, white walls and clean lines), combined with the warmth of the reception (woods and fabrics) and the workforce (ropes), without forgetting that we are an integral part of everything which is natural (stone and plants).

    The program is developed along a central circulation axis and the partitioning is a direct consequence of the windows location. Thus, we have the clinic’s main spaces (classroom and office) getting natural light from south east, while the technical areas of the pantry and toilets are distributed throughout the rest of the space. As light is one of the main concerns of this project, frosted glass doors and interior windows appear as light diffusion elements, reflecting it on white walls and ceilings to eliminate dimly lit areas.

    The result is a minimalist space, large and bright, with simple spaces communicating with each other, with the reception and the waiting room as a central point. The use of natural materials adds a bit of coziness to this minimalist space, giving balance to the project.

    Design: Qiarq arquitectura + design
    Construction: Abrantes Gregório
    Photography: Carolina Delgado