M Physicians Broadway Family Medicine Clinic

  • area / size 16,000 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Type Clinic,
  • Studio BV designed M Physicians Broadway Family Medicine Clinic to serve as a beacon of public health to better serve patients in North Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    The vision and approach for new the new location for the Broadway Clinic is rooted in the mission to deepen their connection to patients and the community in new and more ways, including outreach, expanded access, new specialists, community programs, education and teaching,” said Betsy Vohs, Studio BV Founder and CEO. “This new space embodies the hopes and optimism of the clinic staff and residents, while creating a new presence in the community that can support and foster partnerships and growth for both the clinic and the patients.”

    Creating connections for the community is paramount. The experience of the lobby and outdoor plaza is joyful and welcoming. Creating a feeling of comfort and safety is important for staff and patients. The brand of the UMP clinic is enhanced with reflections of the community in both art and program components. The Bold Grant provides new ways to bring a deeper engagement with the neighborhood and the patients. The initiative can bring new programs and services to the clinic to support the community and create a place for wellness and education at Broadway Clinic.

    The clinic sits at a visible intersection and is able to serve the community as a beacon for health and wellness resources. The clinic is a place of discussion, education, comfort, community, and resources. Food and educational resources are an active part of the clinics outreach. Art is visible in the space, serving to inspire the care team as they work hard to support the community. art also serves as inspiration and comfort for the patients and families.

    The circulation path at the clinic is intentional. As you move through the clinic the places for the care teams are near the daylight and new resources like break out spaces and meeting areas are designed to support how work happens in this modern clinic. Safety and visibility is important for the care team. Technology and flexible spaces help foster an environment of learning and togetherness. Workspaces for residents are near the daylight and adjacent to the flexible meeting space and the cafe. Separating the work areas for faculty and residents supports the unique work settings required of each group.

    The connection to the community is reflected best in the cafe and flexible meeting space. This space is rich with daylight, art and technology. Providing the resources to support the future needs of the clinic and community. This area is adjacent to the waiting area and can be leveraged for evening and weekend usage. The goal for the clinic is to inspire and support the care team while impacting the wellbeing of the patients and building community engagement.

    The café features a mural by North Minneapolis Artist Christopher Harrison that was brought to life in a custom mosaic tile installation by Mercury Mosaics a local custom tile fabricators. This mural is titled “Alive and Well”. The tile and installation were donated pro-bono to the clinic. The focus on art as a reflection of the community and a path for healing is the story of the space. Every artist is from the community and the artwork serves to inspire the staff and welcome the community.

    The Broadway Clinic’s new facility can transform this neighborhood and become a beacon for ideas and action around public health in the North Minneapolis. Design Changes Everything.

    Architect: Studio BV
    Contractor: Opus Construction
    Photography: Corey Gaffer Photography