Schneck Medical Center – ICU MAACU Renovation

  • area / size 17,500 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Type Hospital,
  • arcDESIGN reconfigured and renovated floors of the Schneck Medical Center to accommodate for the newly relocated ICU MAACU in Seymour, Indiana.

    With the design of the new 5-story Schneck Professional Building, it was necessary to relocate the current Intensive Care Unit. After accessing options, the solution was to move the current ICU to the fourth floor and then fully renovate the floor while at the same time relocate the existing Moderate Acute Adult Care Unit (MAACU) to the south wing.

    The original ICU had 7 beds that would be upgraded and increased in number to provide 9 new ICU beds and a shell for a future growth of 2 additional beds. The MAACU unit reduced its bed count from 10 to 7 but shared staffing with ICU would provide overall needs between the two units. All ICU rooms were upgraded to provide innovative ceiling mounted patient lifts and dual-boom patient management systems which were both new to the hospital. Two of the MAACU rooms also were outfitted with the latest technology ceiling mounted patient lifts. The layout of the core spaces was designed to provide the nursing staff better visual access to their patients in each of the units through the design of well-spaced touch-down stations and sub-nurse stations. The expansive sliding glass doors also provided increased visual access into each room.

    Higher visibility wayfinding was also incorporated by using large, frosted vinyl numbers on the room glass doors. Vibrant colors are used on the walls coupled with beautiful artwork images as accents in the ICU rooms to improve the mindset and recovery process for patients. All images for the ¬¬¬framed artwork throughout the space was sourced through local photographers and staff members and features local landmarks and nature. The images complemented the artwork used thorough-out the new Professional Building.

    A unique design feature of this project was implementing a leaf pattern cut into the wave pattern flooring spaced 10 feet apart to easily measure walking distance for patient physical therapy and recovery progress.

    Design: arcDESIGN
    Photography: Lesle Lane