Fertility Clinic & IVF Laboratory

  • area / size 8,923 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Location Wroclaw, Poland,
  • Type Clinic, Fertility,
  • FAAB Architektura has completed a specialist fertility clinic, with a one-day hospital, and IVF laboratory at Grabiszyńska Street in Wrocław, Poland.

    The technologically complex function enables the diagnosis and treatment of women, based on the latest medical knowledge. The curved geometry, characteristic of the female body during the prenatal development of a child, determined the character of the interior.

    The technologically complex medical function is divided into three interrelated zones. In the specialist clinic, within treatment rooms and interview rooms, the patient is provided with medical consultation in the field of gynecology, genetics, oncology, prenatal diagnostics, and psychology. The clinic is adjoined to a one-day hospital with an operating theatre. In the hospital, it is possible to perform minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures and diagnose diseases using technically advanced methods with the use of ultra-miniature cameras and optics. An analytical laboratory and IVF laboratory are connected with the hospital. The IVF laboratory allows treating a partner’s infertility using the in-vitro method, including ICSI, IMSI-MSOME, FAMSI, AH.

    Design motif
    Fluid shapes, referencing the curves of a woman’s body during pregnancy, are present on the floor, walls, and ceiling of the waiting room and corridors. In some places, they remain as two-dimensional, independent elements. In others, they connect the floor to the wall and ceiling, generating the illusion of movement. They become a three-dimensional form at the main entrance. This form is inspired by the tension of the skin on a woman’s abdomen, as observed during pregnancy, the tensions caused by the muscle activity of fetal movement such as elbows and knees pressing against the womb. Textures, colors, and light reflection play an important role in the interior design. Translucent surfaces are juxtaposed with opaque surfaces. Matt surfaces contrast with the light-reflecting surfaces of the individually designed graphics. The choice of color for the graphics was carefully analyzed. Ultimately, the gold color was chosen to represent one of the most precious moments in a woman’s life – pregnancy.

    The facility has played a role during the COVID-19 pandemic. A vaccination point was organized there and used by many residents of Wrocław.

    Most importantly, from the moment the clinic was opened, until January 2021, 69 couples have successfully received fertility treatment. This means at least 83 new residents of Wrocław. They are the children of people participating in the in-vitro program, implemented thanks to the support of the city of Wrocław.

    Design: FAAB Architektura
    Design Team: Adam Białobrzeski, Adam Figurski, Maria Messina, Anna Miłosz, Mikołaj Szewczyk
    Photography: Maciej Jeżyk