Atrium Health – The HEARTest Yard Congenital Health Center

  • area / size 25,000 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Little Diversified Architectural Consulting completed the The HEARTest Yard Congenital Health Center at Atrium Health in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    The Levine Children’s Outpatient Specialty Center is becoming a reality via completion of the Pediatric Cardiac Center, setting the new standard for multidisciplinary outpatient care at Atrium Health. The project features The HEARTest Yard Congenital Heart Center, which was made possible by Greg Olsen, former Tight End for the Carolina Panthers, through Receptions for Research: The Greg Olsen Foundation. The HEARTest Yard is the first project of a master plan to convert the 6-level medical office building from diverse tenants to a Pediatric Multi Specialty Clinic.

    With central goals of enhancing customer experience, increasing staff efficiency, and enhancing multi-disciplinary sub-specialty care, the team developed an internal on-stage/off-stage concept, with emphasis on positive distraction, wayfinding, and natural light, organized by a central theme.

    Each floor of the building has a theme, expressed in the Eric Carle style, like ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ Custom digital wall coverings were used to display the custom graphics and reinforce wayfinding, provide ‘hidden activities’ and positive distraction. The flooring was selected to provide the best possible ergonomics and acoustics for staff and visitors.

    As the fifth floor was developed, the team mapped the experience touchpoints for both pediatric and adult patients, organizing the plan to provide alternate waiting spaces and rooming paths that are distinct, yet complementary. For key spaces, the team incorporated a variety of active and passive settings, physically and mentally interactive activities, and assorted postures – understanding that like adults, children have a wide range of needs and abilities. Now, patients and their families can receive integrated, multi-specialty care in a single, uplifting location full of possibilities.

    Design: Little Diversified Architectural Consulting
    Photography: Sean Busher Photography