Heale Medical Clinic Tysons Corner

  • area / size 1,684 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Type Clinic,
  • //3877 set out to give the Heale Medical Clinic a fresh and familiar space in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

    Heale Medical is a membership-based primary care platform on a mission to make quality healthcare more accessible and enjoyable. To further optimize the patient experience, Heale Medical is launching a new, appointment-only center in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Designed by D.C.-based architecture and design firm //3877, the 1,684-square-foot primary care facility will open its doors to members of the community in August 2021.

    //3877 and Heale Medical created a hospitality-inspired space that immediately makes patients feel welcome. Similar to how guests experience a hotel lobby, a luxury concierge service greets patients for an efficient check-in process. The custom reception desk features a bold waterfall edge with a curated acrylic panel on the side, drawing eyes as it changes hues depending on what angle patients view it from. The warm lighting and soft textures give the room a familiar touch, allowing patients to feel at ease in the elegant reception area.

    The design represents Heale Medical’s thoughtful, patient-first model through modern elements infused with an earthy color palette. In the waiting area, minimal forms of pendant lighting and finishes are asymmetrically balanced alongside neutral, soft seating, providing a comforting environment. Blue tones and mixed metals with diffused lighting produce beautiful contrasts and intentional moments of tranquility. Private visitation rooms are designed to mirror the lobby’s design through a more approachable atmosphere than the typical healthcare space.

    With an emphasis on health and wellness for every patient, Heale Medical and //3877 prioritized a technology-forward design for the concierge-style medical office. The technology takes shape through intelligent workflows for doctors and an engaging framework for patients. This includes health risk assessments, comprehensive health scores, telemedicine, creation of health goals and action items, as well as the integration of an Apple health kit and detailed tracking of these parameters throughout the year. This data is shared between the doctor, nutritionist, and patient to create lasting lifestyle changes and improve health outcomes. Patients actively take part in creating their own health goals alongside their doctor with the help of Heale Medical’s intuitive technology platform.

    The timeless lighting pendants and sleek surfaces are both easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. Comfortable and uncluttered, the facility stands out from other sterile medical offices while still ensuring that it feels familiar to patients. Contemporary processes with a focus on the quality of care, mixed with //3877’s warm, inviting design, creates a healthcare experience that is uniquely Heale Medical.

    Design: //3877
    Photography: Clarence Butts Photography