Cedars-Sinai Ventana Cancer Care Clinic

  • area / size 29,447 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Type Clinic,
  • ZGF Architects brought intentionality, comfortability and a welcoming environment to Cedars-Sinai Ventana Cancer Care Clinic in Tarzana, California.

    The Cedars-Sinai Ventana Cancer Treatment Clinic brings cancer care into the heart of Tarzana, a suburban community located just north of Los Angeles. The design intent was thoughtfully executed to create a healthcare environment that could ease the mind and heal the soul. The concept centers on the creation of a gentle, yet dynamic space that supports the journey of healing, with color, materiality, and lighting intended to evoke a great sense of safety, tranquility, and comfort. The result is a healthcare atmosphere that feels warm, welcoming, and comfortable for patients receiving oncological treatment.

    Upon arrival, patients enter a reception space characterized by a soft glow that introduces a delicate balance between transparency and privacy that has been achieved throughout the clinic. Backlit by a frosted glass wall that gently filters daylight from the adjoining window-wrapped infusion room, the arrival space is further warmed and enlivened by the type of wood and richly veined, earth-toned marble of the reception desk.

    The waiting areas, near reception and in the infusion room, are cozy and plush, reminiscent of what you might find in a boutique hotel or first-class lounge. The clinical spaces in the new treatment center include on-stage/off-stage exam rooms, a phlebotomy area, private consult rooms, and a large, open and airy infusion room with adjoining pharmacy. The custom infusion bays are grouped in radiating configurations that together create a honeycomb effect. The result is a layout that affords privacy without losing the sense of togetherness. Patients can be seated in proximity to one another, while those that prefer solitude are also easily accommodated. A custom graphic runs the length of the undulating interior wall—the design, titled Rise, adds a subtle and ethereal touch of color that is equally calming and uplifting.

    The shape of the existing floorplate presented challenges in executing the design vision. The team delivered the high-quality design synonymous with the Cedars-Sinai brand by prioritizing the layout in support of patient and care team wellbeing. This led to the infusion room being placed at the window-wrapped west-facing perimeter of the building, ensuring the space would be drenched with warming sunlight. The reception and main waiting area adjacent to the infusion room are separated by frosted glass, allowing daylight to stream through into the center of the space to create a sense of natural light in a large, windowless area. With the intent of caring for the caregivers, open plan workspaces for doctors and their teams have been placed along the glass-fronted southern perimeter, guaranteeing natural light throughout the day, sense of connection to the outside world and to the natural passage of time, ensuring beneficial impacts on their own health, both mental and physical.

    Design: ZGF Architects
    Photography: David Wakely Photography