Tricity Smiles Dental Clinic

  • area / size 250 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Location Chandigarh, India,
  • Studio Mohenjodaro took a route different from the sterile and cold medical spaces when designing Tricity Dental Clinic in Chandigarh, India.

    A visit to a dentist is often an unpleasant experience, accompanied by fear and often anxiety. The architects for the project wanted to create a space that would help the visitors feel at ease, while maintaining the solemnity of the clinic.

    The client had envisioned converting a part of his ancestral house in Chandigarh into a compact yet state-of-the-art Dental Clinic. This gave the architects a limited space (–sqft.) to work within. The clinic had to look not only spacious, but also lavish and inviting. Though a demanding task, the architects were able to achieve this by an intelligent use of light, colours and forms.

    The space is imbibed with movement – the walls curve and twist around the functional areas not only providing practical segregation, but also creating playfulness. This keeps the clinic from feeling claustrophobic or austere.

    As we enter the clinic, the most distinctive element is the glass and metal partition, segregating the space in two. The partition, besides aiding in directing movement, is in itself a design element. It consists of a transparent, curving frame that is visually light and complements the interiors.

    The linear reception, on the left of the partition, is designed to make the patients/visitors feel at home, with a comfortable, customised couch.

    As we move deeper into the space, the partition curves to the right, and leads the visitors into the consultancy space, which further opens to the operatory.

    The consultancy area is kept simple with an executive chair for the doctor and a couple of fabric padded Eames dining chairs for the patients sitting across. The operatory looks out towards the lush, green garden of the client’s residence. The dental chair has been placed in a way that takes advantage of the view, creating a welcome distraction for the patient occupying it.

    Borrowing from traditionalist and contemporary elements, the space surprises the visitors with its balanced use of white. The highlights of gold allow a striking contrast against the pristine white of the clinic, adding character to the space. The interiors consist of many such elusive details, present but not overbearing, complementing the minimal aesthetic.

    Fluidity is achieved using curves that flow throughout the space, bringing together the separate elements in harmony. The false ceiling floats through the clinic with an understated elegance, achieved through form and cove lighting. All walls with their curved edges, floor tiles and fixed furniture are in keeping with the celestial white theme.

    The space does not pretend to be something it is not. The white austerity establishes it, quite firmly, as a clinic but the subtle play with shapes, forms and elements lends it a calm aura, in striking contrast of how dental clinics are usually perceived. Instead of inciting a feeling of fear, as is common, the interiors make the patients and visitor feel at ease.

    Design: Studio Mohenjodaro
    Photography: Purnesh Dev Nikhanj