Liren Medical Cosmetic Anti-Aging Center

  • area / size 3,229 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Location Yinchuan, China,
  • Type Clinic,
  • John Li Studio completed the Liren Medical Cosmetic Anti-Aging Center with warm materials to exude a welcoming environment for patients in Yinchuan, China.

    Surging Yellow River runs through Loess Plateau with a reversed U shape, and Ningxia lays in its warm cradle. Meandering through Helan Mountain, Yellow River leaves massive sediment and nutritious particles on the foot of the mountain, giving birth to the beautiful and fertile land of milk and honey — Oasis against Southern Frontier. Every early April in Gongwei County, Ningxia, pear flowers come into bloom beautifully as if white snow covering the great wide land.

    Beauty Postpartum Care & Aesthetic Medicine Institute is located in the basement floor 1 of Beauty Maternity Hospital in Yinchuan, Ningxia. Intending to keep the interior design of institute in harmony with local culture of Ningxia, our designers shall create a modern medical space with rich connotations and aesthetics.

    A powerful design can introduce people to feel the space tenderly and then generate imagination upon the space, in which designers with great abilities are surely indispensable. The entrance hall is defined to separate functions including reception, waiting area, exhibition and baby zone. Inspired by the small village near the Yellow River, designers present an image of village courtyard in the entrance hall. Image that cozy life in a village: siting under the pear tree at dusk with others talking around and kids frolicking around; looking up, a vine-woven lantern hung on the tree with its flickering soft light shining on the tiny promise land. This kind of natural and plain environment definitely can bring clients and space much more intimate and endow the space with unique feelings and implications.

    Natural design style is also applied to treatment room. Since the whole institute in on the basement, light pose a negative effect to interior design. A mural of the oasis against southern frontier is painted on the wallboard made of genuine lath to simulate the natural view and play of lights outside the cave, making the space more snug, rustically charming and detached from the vulgar style.

    A lounge is placed on the corner of corridor to soften and modify the layout as if when getting unbearably excited by a story with ups and downs you suddenly find a new cozy place that bring you to the climax of the story. Oblique ceiling high above is dedicatedly designed to enrich the upper space. A white leaf-shaped light hung on the ceiling shall draw people much closer to the pear flowers swishing in wind with sweet smell. Your heart troubled by all mundane matters shall experience a pleasant and euphoric rest in this lounge and rejuvenate again with substantial vigor.

    At the end of the corridor are 2 VIP treatment rooms. Furniture is placed with an intention to present a cozy atmosphere like home, including a cloth sofa, a lamp with warm yellow light, a pot with wild flowers. Stepping into the room, a ever-lasting truth emerges naturally that we can acquire the most primitive serenity by integrating ourselves into nature. Beige semi-cement wallboard covering a large area with a handmade pottery mosaic wallboard reinforces the room to keep in a more comfortable but reclusive style. Heightened by all these exquisite design elements, this room tends to be more like an Elysium where you can look into yourself and rectify the deviation than a container.

    Wonderful feelings comes from beautiful space. Through the interior design of this institute, the temperature of medicine can be delivered to warm every client.

    Design: John Li Studio
    Design Team: John Li, Yanping Gu, Changqing Wang
    Contractor: Yinchuan Mishu Interior Construction Company
    Photography: Da ke