Angel Medical Cosmetic Anti-Aging Center

  • area / size 8,611 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Location Chengdu, China,
  • Type Clinic,
  • John Li Studio designed a feminine space with simple design details to complement the muted color palette at the Angel Medical Cosmetic Anti-Aging Center in Chengdu, China.

    The peach tree beams so red, how brilliant are its flowers! Excerpted from The Books of Songs, this renowned verse describes a poet’s fantasy about a young and beautiful bride when appreciating slender willow branches and flamboyant bunches of peach blossoms. It is this scenario demonstrated by the verse in which a gorgeous young lady with the sound and the smell of spring that inspired the designers, who intend to present a simple and ethereal layout plan that is integrated with natural elements.

    Sage green, classical and elegant, is chosen as the dominant hue, since its low saturation and brightness deliver a soft and introverted atmosphere. The charm, freshness of sage green can be felt everywhere in this tranquil space, making the clients pleased from the bottom of their hearts and away from all the mundane matters. Living coral is chosen as a collocation with sage green. The combination between these two colors are similar to blossoms surrounded by green leaves, which displays a refreshing and wonderful image of spring.

    To create a steric and complex layering and an artistic and romantic conception, arch, which is naturally integral to the whole space, is leveraged in a modernist way. The layout plan and its structure reveal a definite link to the art gallery and a deep symbiosis among fashion, classic, nobleness and delicateness. The overall design shall be as pure as the scenario represented by the verse.

    The epidemic outburst throughout the world in 2020 make the concept of life, green and health the major concern for the whole human society. Under such context, biophilic design have been gradually prevailing in the industry for its advocacy of nature. Aiming to enhance the relationship between human and nature, environmental materials are exclusively for a green and eco-friendly design, which shall exert positive impact on both psychological and physical health of people and ecological environment. Among the environmental materials stands an exquisite design element, a translucent acrylic screen with patterns of venus-hair fern and rose pedal. It shall modify the interior atmosphere in a more natural way without any pollution in the medical environment for acrylic’s antimicrobial capacity.

    The interior design of VIP treatment room are endowed with modern aesthetics and cultural characteristics. With an intention to display a fresh and stylish natural atmosphere via different shapes and patterns, sketched drawings of plants with its unique affinity can be seen in this space.

    Design: John Li Studio
    Contractor: ZRTB
    Photography: Bin Zhao