Bangkok Hospital Health Design Center

  • area / size 34,445 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Location Bangkok, Thailand,
  • Type Hospital,
  • MADA Design Factory designed the Bangkok Hospital Health Design Center with a sophisticated color palette in Bangkok, Thailand.

    The design fully considers users’ experience and re-programming functional and operation to response customer pain point. MADA performed a study during the initial stages of the design with client management and Operation team. MADA conducted 2 more weeks-long by using design thinking framework including site visit and customer journey also allowed staff members to provide feedback on public space, existing vital signs, examination room. In additional both doctor and nurse gave commentary on details such as the accessible, lightness, location, and quantity of proper changing room, Moreover, design thinking process allowed all of stake holder to rearrange the operation process, using data mapping to identify peak time period for each of function, leave notes with suggestions, and discuss their most efficiency operation under the best for customer experiences. Utilizing the data from the study, the final function and program reflect the shared vision of Health Design Center which customer be able to design their health with supporting by Bangkok Hospital.

    MADA has create planning by maximize natural light at waiting area and corridor also balances aesthetic simplicity with function complexity. The slightly Curved and dynamic lined be introduced for movement and adding energy for space purpose. Changing room for male and female are the function that be highly consider reflect to design thinking stage and customer pain point so MADA has proposed to separate accessible and corridor which their cannot see to each other during examination activities.

    Some further highlights of the design include the unique feature nurse station counter visitors are greeted with as they enter when open the lift. Dynamic staircase is linkage element between 2 floors with green integrated to create warm and fresh to this space. The inviting exterior lighting, and the garden underneath a staircase with seating is touch down spots for new customer. Glass lift be provided for universal users which separate from main lift building for privacy purpose. Life-energy color tones uplift spaces throughout function also pops color be added to wooden laminate wall with leaf pattern to identifies each zone and reinforces way finding as customers move into specific areas, such as exam rooms, x-ray function etc.

    Since opening, Health Design Center has provided high-quality services in Bangkok Hospital’s brand of treating customer to designing their life with a fresh environment. For this project, MADA created a story of designing your life through space, function, aesthetic and greenery realm according to customer journey aspect.

    Design: MADA Design Factory
    Design Team: Ananchai Jirawiwattanan, Nisachol Loetritsirikul, Thanaporn Reogkwanyungmee
    Photography: Thanawat Petchchanthorn