LifePlus Litoral Norte Emergency Room

  • area / size 4,520 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location Xangrilá, Brazil,
  • Seferin Arquitetos da Saúde designed an intentional space with a variety of patient ages in mind at the LifePlus Litoral Norte Emergency Room in Xangrilá, Brazil.

    The emergency room’s waiting room welcomes patients in a warm and cozy atmosphere. When walking in, there is a big saloon where the patient can be easily oriented, guiding the user to the correct place making the experience a lot less traumatic. The color blue helps to bring the sense of tranquility in the moment of stress.

    The wooden wall, used in other services of the hospital, brings unit to the architecture of the building. Since the beginning of our work we tried to use the local landscape as an inspiration and concept. The wood contrasts nicely with the shades of grey that are often present in our coast.

    The unit was divided between adult and pediatric care and that gave us the possibility to create an especial environment for the kids with ludic objects and bright colors. The kid waiting room was designed to entertain the little ones and make their journey as calm as possible.

    The ER’s Offices have a pleasant and functional environment with wooden masonry, grey walls and perfect luminosity.

    The observation room is a space that provides a pleasant time during their medical assistance. Translucent glass walls are used to separate the armchairs providing a lighter and more sophisticated environment than the traditional curtains. Details in black bring a more contemporary touch and the green panel brings nature to the ambience.

    The pediatric observation room aims to distract kids, awaken their ludic side through the use of beach themed pictures. The elements get their focus away from the problem, deviating attention while softening the situation. Light colors and shades of blue give a feeling of hospitality calming the little one and the accompanying during medical care.

    Design: Seferin Arquitetos da Saúde
    Design Team: Gustavo Seferin, Marcelo Seferin, Juliana Mohr, Louise Golbert, Camila Orso
    Contractor: 4T Construtora
    Photography: Cristiano Bauce