New York-Presbyterian David H. Koch Center

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  • area / size 734,000 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Type Hospital,
  • HOK and Ballinger collaborated on the expansive New York-Presbyterian David H. Koch Center in New York City, New York.

    The David H. Koch Center is a three-in-one facility designed with the flexibility to support advancements in medicine and patient care.

    HOK worked closely with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to create a new urban context for the medical center. The 17-story building houses three distinct programs: ambulatory care; the Alexandra Cohen Hospital for Women and Newborns; and the Integrative Health and Wellbeing program operated in collaboration with Weill Cornell Medicine.

    Occupying the first 11 floors of the building, the ambulatory care center offers outpatient surgery, endoscopy, interventional radiology, diagnostic imaging, radiation oncology, infusion, digestive disease treatments and more in a contemporary and soothing environment.

    The holistic programming and design prioritized patient and family-centered care. With its glass-encapsulated, wood screen facade and transparent lower floors, the building presents a bright face to the community.

    The hospitality-inspired lobby space includes comfortable seating areas, artwork and a warm wood ceiling. A prominent reception desk and clear wayfinding facilitate an intuitive journey.

    A typical clinical floor procedure area features private prep/recovery rooms dedicated to patients and families. Locating decentralized caregiver stations outside these rooms bring care closer to the patient.

    Many hospitals place infusion and radiation oncology services below grade. Here they are on the fourth floor, where they offer patients access to windows with city views and restorative natural light.

    Located on the top six floors of the building with a separate elevator corridor in the lobby, the Alexandra Cohen Hospital for Women and Newborns provides individualized care to pregnant women and their newborn babies before, during and after childbirth. The hospital’s 75 antepartum and postpartum rooms allow each patient to have her own room, promoting privacy, family bonding and comfort.

    The 60-bed neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) also features private rooms. The Level IV NICU offers the highest level of critical care for newborns and is the first in New York City to have a dedicated MRI and operating room.

    Natural light fills patient rooms and corridors. Patient rooms with bedside reading lights, mini fridges, illuminated bathroom mirrors and soft furnishings help families feel comfortable.

    NYP’s Integrative Health and Wellbeing program provides personalized, comprehensive care for mind, body and spirit. Located on the third floor with its own street entrance, the center features a meditation garden, resource library, group exercise room and nourishment station.

    The design celebrates the influence of nature on the healing process, embracing a fusion of healthcare, hospitality and wellness spaces. Calming design elements include natural materials, greenery and artwork.

    The LEED Gold-certified building’s sustainable and resilient design features include a green roof, high-performance facade and a high-efficiency mechanical system designed for continuous operations during extreme weather events and city power disruptions.

    To promote health and well-being, the team focused on critical elements affecting the patient experience and staff productivity. This includes comfortable acoustic design; curated lighting and controls for occupant comfort and flexibility; low-emitting materials and pollutant source control; and thermal comfort verification.

    Design: HOK and Ballinger
    Construction Manager: Turner Construction Company
    Photography: Frank Oudeman, Albert Verceka, Eric Laignel, James Ewing