Maison Santé Clinic

  • area / size 15,000 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Type Clinic,
  • Swiss Bureau Interior Design emphasized the importance of wellness and alternative treatment in the realization of Maison Santé Clinic in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    Home for regeneration, balance, and growth of mind, body, and spirit, the newly opened space founded by Dr. Maria Alonso connects patients to an ecosystem of experts in Preventive Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition Coaching, Physiotherapy, and Psychology. Appointed to design and build a 15,000 Sqft space that embraces this holistic lifestyle, Swiss Bureau had the privilege to reimagine the sacred bond between aesthetics and a healthcare facility’s rigorous clinical requirements with interiors to match their comprehensive practice.

    On a mission to honor this unique lifestyle while bringing their individualized program to light, Swiss Bureau worked closely with the client to thread the beauty of the inner workings of the body and mind into a thoughtful design, implementing efficiency, functionality, and user-friendliness perfectly into an unparalleled experience toward preventive health measures and recovery. Drawing inspiration from the clinic’s purpose, the design narrative illustrates a holistic journey calmly flowing with rhythmic energy within a natural space. Made up of two distinct areas, The Clinic and The Lounge carry the same story throughout, rooted in the theme of transformational healing, wellness, and a connection to nature.

    The overall concept of curating a holistic therapeutic experience fostering recovery and preventive action is marked by carefully selected material finishes and furnishing coming together to form a path toward wellness. Focused on the individual patient, every touchpoint along the customer journey is designed with purpose, creating the opportunity to build relationships while inspiring a deeper exploration of the elements that make up our bodies.

    Forming the complete experience while answering the main operational requirements of the client, the clinic comprises various treatment rooms, consultation rooms, assessment rooms, a psychology department, osteopathy, and other clinically required rooms which help support the clinic’s purpose. Warm and earthy finishes are used along the walls and floors, and natural stones are used in various forms, enhancing the experience. Carefully designed acoustics and bespoke lighting aim to aid the process of recovery.

    Design: Swiss Bureau Interior Design
    Photography: Musthafa E.K