Alejandría Clinic

  • area / size 3,767 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location Valencia, Spain,
  • Type Clinic,
  • ERRE arquitectura was tasked with giving new life to an old space at the Alejandría Clinic in Valencia, Spain.

    The project for the new Clinica Alejandria located on Calle Sorní in the heart of Valencia (Spain), transforms an old obsolete and abandoned space into a new place dedicated to health and care of people.

    Due to the space limitations of the previous headquarters, the Clinica Alejandria and its entire human team needed a new environment in accordance with their philosophy where they could continue to grow as professionals and be able to offer a quality service and experience to their clients.

    Connecting Medicine and Education In A Single Space
    This new Clinic had to base its activity on two main fields: medicine and education. This condition has provided an opportunity to create a unique space in which both disciplines constantly interact, and patients can be attended with highest quality and professionalism.

    The strategy was based on dividing and organizing the program on two levels. On the lower level are located the reception and the boxes for clients. The higher level is intended for the education of both the medical team and other interested professionals.

    The entrance and reception space becomes the heart of the project. A place in which the geometry, the light and the vegetation of the central patio and the warm materiality welcome you and make you move towards its interior.

    Sincere Materiality and Curved Surfaces
    From the beginning, we wanted to design significant spaces creating a special atmosphere characterized by curved shapes and round surfaces such as the semi-circular arch.

    The use of clay mortar in combination with walnut wood generate a sincere, close and “tactile” materiality.

    This “skin” of the interior spaces accompanied by a clear and simple geometry aims to create an environment where silence can be breathed, and beauty can be felt. An oasis of calmness in the centre of Valencia.

    The use of a neutral materiality and natural wood, the attention to details and the incorporation of natural light or vegetation are some of the aspects that have allowed the new image of this clinic to be shaped in accordance with its philosophy and way of doing things.

    Architecture Based in the User Experience
    From the beginning we knew how important it is in a project of these characteristics to create a healthy environment designed from the user experience point of view.

    In this sense, one of the fundamental goals of the project has been to establish the same importance to the common spaces as to those destined for patient consultation. For this, reception and circulation spaces have been designed with proportions greater than what is strictly necessary. Comfortable and healthy places to stay in connection to natural light and vegetation that allow improving the user experience through a special atmosphere.

    Moreover, we have collaborated on the design of the furniture, in which, using natural wood we have tried to establish a new form of more personal and close service between the doctor and the patient without compromising their professionalism.

    Finally, in a sector such as dermatology in which advances are constant and demands are increasing, it was important to be able to create a clinic that would have the most advanced technology, as well as allow the necessary flexibility to be able to adapt to new medical and professional challenges.

    All this makes the new Clinica Alejandria a project that is allowing them to differentiate and position themselves as benchmarks in the dermatological clinic sector, enhancing the possibilities of alliance with other professionals and placing themselves at the forefront of medical advances.

    Design: ERRE arquitectura
    Contractor: AT4 grupo
    Photography: David Zarzoso