Cedars-Sinai Los Feliz

  • area / size 10,000 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Type Clinic, Pediatric,
  • Abramson Architects was tasked with completing Cedars-Sinai Los Feliz as a comfortable and welcoming space in Los Angeles, California.

    Cedars-Sinai has opened new offices offering urgent care for adults and children, primary care and OB-GYN care in one convenient, new building in the heart of Los Feliz. The modern, 10,000-square-foot space is Cedars-Sinai’s first location serving communities in this area.

    The new Cedars-Sinai clinic in Los Feliz worked closely with Abramson Architects to create a clinic that felt “at home” in Los Feliz, taking measures to match the aesthetic, unique character and pedestrian scale of the neighborhood, and to provide an experience that feels more akin to hospitality than medicine. Below are just a few highlights:

    – Pedestrian-scale: Avoiding a big towering box, the team took care to design a human-scale building that felt at home on a heavily foot-trafficked street

    – Matching character: The custom green and white concrete brick (featuring CS initials in geometric patterns) is inspired by the Samuel Novarro house while the textured stone tile on the ground level facade is reminiscent of the Ennis House, both Frank Lloyd Wright-designed iconic houses in Los Feliz.

    – Let there be light: Natural light was a priority in the design, countering the typically constrictive, dark, isolated feel of clinics of the past. An airy 2-story atrium draws in natural daylight and acts as a beacon in the neighborhood, especially at night when it appears to glow.

    – Color & Character: A series of murals by local artist Sarajo Friedman and Nigel Sussman bring iconic Eastside landmarks to life bringing color and character to the whole experience, including parking. Featured in murals are: Vista Theatre, the LA River, Griffith Observatory to name a few.

    Design: Abramson Architects
    Photography: Here And Now Agency