McKinnon Dental Care

  • area / size 818 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Location McKinnon, Australia,
  • Collectivus designed a thoughtful and light space for McKinnon Dental Care in McKinnon, Australia.

    Designed by the creative powerhouse, Collectivus, McKinnon Dental Clinic brings an inviting and “patient-centric” approach to traditional medical design. The new space brings a refreshing and soothing take on your typical visit to the dentist with its light and airy feel.

    Unita had the pleasure of delivering the 76sqm clinic in just under three months. Works included the demolition of the existing two-bedroom residential unit to create what is now McKinnon Dental Clinic. Despite the tenancy’s cozy size, this clinic has everything but the kitchen sink for McKinnon Dental Clinic’s staff and its patients. The clinic features two operating rooms, a welcoming reception, an OPG room and a Sterilisation room.

    Every element of the clinic’s design focuses on creating a soothing environment. Elements such as the large windows draw in natural light to open up the space, while the colour palette reflects light to give the clinic even more radiance. As well, the clinic strays away from angular shapes and opts for smooth curves and lines. Mirrored throughout the space, the fluted panelling and arched doorways soften the space, making it feel less cold and clinical.

    The main attraction of McKinnon Dental Clinic is the dentistry’s waiting room/reception. The reception desk’s curves almost mimic the smile you walk out with after visiting their clinic. As well, the clinic’s built-in tea station with a Zip tap allows patients to enjoy a beverage and quench their thirst as they wait.

    On a functional note, the operating rooms feature glazed windows that let natural light bleeds in, all while keeping patients feeling a high level of privacy. Better yet, the operating rooms also feature large wall-mounted TVs that allow practitioners and patients to view key information like X-rays and various other scans.

    McKinnon Dental Clinic is a refreshing take on traditional medical design. Every element of the clinic’s design focuses on the patient experience. Through the use of smooth curves and lines, this clinic calms any uneased nerves. Overall, McKinnon Dental Clinic reinvigorates and energises its patients – making them feel better than they did walking in.

    Design: Collectivus
    Builder: Unita
    Photography: Steve Scalone