Apollo Cradle Pediatrics Clinic

  • area / size 1,450 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Location New Delhi, India,
  • Type Clinic, Pediatric,
  • Attic Light Architects designed a playful and intentional space for Dr. Jawa at the Apollo Cradle Pediatrics Clinic in New Delhi, India

    “Color Possesses a language without words” – Billy Dugger. In healthcare spaces, color plays an extremely important role in creating the right environment and indirectly communicating positivity to the patients, especially when they are young children.

    This small paediatrics clinic aims to interact with the children’s ever exploring, growing and questioning minds in a way that visiting a doctor becomes a happy experience for these young patients.

    The project works by using simple elements composed in a playful manner and attempts to interact with the growing & inquisitive minds of their little audience. Form development, detailing and play of colours have been used to transform this basement space and its associated feelings to a positive and welcoming space.

    ‘Visual Connectivity’ is the core concept of this designed clinic, and that connectivity is established in every nook and corner of this space through careful curation of elements and storyboarding. From the selection of a unifying colour palette to the artwork painted across each segment, the entire clinic exhibits a coherent design language that is static and yet interactive.

    This idea of connectivity has not only been portrayed by blush aesthetics but also by the simple planning layout, that eases way-finding for any incoming patient and allows vigilance of the young ones.

    With this underlying concept of intricate playful aspects, the design process was developed in an array of stages. Starting with an empty shell, the first layer of spatial planning was designed around natural light. Being a basement, capturing the natural light was the most important and challenging aspect. Then to complement the functionality, a play of forms was chosen as a visual language that transcended from being a railing to a wall art and into a bookshelf. For the complete success of the concept, this design language was also implemented in the lampshades and the shape of the executed artworks.

    Since it’s a basement space one primary goal was also to eliminate the feeling of claustrophobia due to lack of natural ventilation. The planning was done keeping in mind the location of windows and to ensure a free flow of natural air and light. The volume of the space, however, was made to feel larger by converting the beams into lights in the Waiting area.

    The details of this design are what renders it with its ultimate uniqueness. From the choice of a pastel colour palette to including relevant artwork and graffiti; each intricate aspect has been added as per the psyche of the young user group. The selection of the material palette too was a conscious choice. While keeping in mind the rough usage by kids – stronger, more durable and easier to clean materials were used for the detailing. Elements of wood were limited to the areas that are inaccessible by kids, like the ceiling light installation or reception panelling.

    This clinic attempts to explore that healthcare architecture need not always be just functional; it can be innovative and can be a space that finely mixes both functionality & creative expression using the basic tools of color, light, form and composition.

    Design: Attic Light Architects
    Client: Dr. Jawa
    Photography: Divya Manaktola