Clinica de la Cuesta

  • area / size 3,444 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location San Sebastian, Spain,
  • BVCR studio designed the Clinica de la Cuesta with a clean and minimal aesthetic in San Sebastian, Spain.

    A manifesto project: this is the concept pursued by Ana De La Cuesta and Lautaro Longo – the two architects founders of BVCR studio – for the new headquarters of Clinica de la Cuesta in the Basque town San Sebastian, in the north of Spain.

    The space is dominated by geometric rigor and clean lines, continuous surfaces and light nuance, linear lights and laminated glass with lightweight aluminium frames, and through the architectural styles it transmits the values of hygiene, safety and organization, that a dental center should communicate to customers.

    The 320 square meters of the health center are developed on two levels, ideally without interruptions, delimited by shop windows framed by black Marquina and white Carrara slabs: the focus of the reception area, essential and pure, consists of a desk covered in white curved wooden strips with rounded ends. From here runs the corridor that groups together the surgeries of the clinic and connects them visually thanks to the large surfaces in worked opaque glass, which constitute permeable partitions: at the same time they guarantee privacy and plenty of natural light, and their height – lower than the ceiling – goes along with BVCR Arquitectura idea of a wide open space, flexible and interconnected. The built-in ceiling light lines extend from the distribution space above the private rooms and renew the design theme, giving rhythm and dimension to the environment together with the thin metal frames of the partition walls.

    These frames are made entirely with the tailor-made All Ways system by Albed and supplied by Coop Cocinas: they include large fixed panels in Plissé glass alternating with others that can be opened, with a flush hinged door equipped with a geometric and aesthetic handle in an aluminium finish.

    The reference number of the clinic is shown at the top of each door, in black, while small vertical transparent glass portions, 30 cm wide, help to break the uniformity of the wing and optimize the working method, as they make eye contact possible for assistants without unnecessary interruptions.

    Thanks to a supply chain, capable of combining industrial and craft processes, to its international presence and to the Research and Development office, Albed was able to interpret the needs of this project, customizing the long walls characterized by an optical effect, which are the hallmark of the clinic.

    Design: BVCR studio
    Design Team: Ana De La Cuesta, Lautaro Longo
    Photography: Aitor Estevez