Retina Consultants of Minnesota – St. Louis Park Clinic

  • area / size 5,360 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Type Clinic,
  • BDH completed the Retina Consultants of Minnesota’s St. Louis Park Clinic in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

    Located in the recently developed Xchange Medical Building in St. Louis Park, Retina Consultants of Minnesota provides advanced retinal care to the area residents. The footprint of the St. Louis Park clinic is smaller than the previously designed clinics of the same brand. Therefore, BDH worked closely with the client to right size the exam rooms and fit all requirements within the space. The design team was incredibly thoughtful about the floor plan and was able to create a layout that accommodates two doctors. This flow yields a faster turnaround time with patients, elevates efficiency, and ultimately generates a higher return on investment. Although the St. Louis Park clinic is 10% smaller than the Duluth clinic, which was also recently designed by BDH, both clinics contain the same amount of exam rooms, and the level of efficiency is comparable. As a result of this outcome, the client is considering using the standard room sizes employed at the St. Louis Park clinic as their new standard.

    On top of being thoughtful about the layout, the design team was purposeful with the finish selection, incorporating wayfinding elements, and utilizing natural light. The natural wood tones, timeless color palette, and combination of materials create a soothing environment for patients undergoing retinal surgery, injections, and laser treatment. Due to the nature of the procedures performed at this clinic, wayfinding elements are crucial to guide patients from the treatment rooms back to the waiting areas when their eyesight may be compromised. The dark blue band of carpet and the dark blue ceiling element that is lighted create a linear raceway that leads patients towards the lobby and exit. Because many of the procedures must be performed in a dim room, it was essential to keep the exam rooms off the windows. Consequently, the clinic staff and patients benefit from the abundance of natural light flowing into the nurses’ station, main lobby, corridors, and sub-wait areas.

    The intentional design elements support the wellbeing of the staff and contribute to a positive patient experience.

    Design: BDH
    Contractor: Greiner Construction
    Project Partner: Forte Real Estate Partners
    Photography: Space Crafting