The University of Kansas Health System Proton Therapy Center

  • area / size 38,200 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Hoefer Welker completed The University of Kansas Health System Proton Therapy Center in Kansas City, Kansas.

    The University of Kansas Health System (TUKHS) is a top-ranking academic medical center known for advanced treatments and leadership in medical research and education. As part of its commitment to leadership in healthcare, The University of Kansas Health System expanded its radiation/oncology cancer facility with a new proton therapy center—one of the first in the region. TUKHS now offers proton therapy and expanded pediatric cancer services as part of the proton center.

    Due to constraints of the small building site adjacent to the existing facility, the project required creative design. The team opted to design the new proton therapy center on the available site while creating an addition on top of the existing radiation oncology pavilion. That pavilion, along with other adjacent facilities undergoing renovations, needed to remain open and operational for the duration of construction, calling for careful planning and a phased approach to minimize disruption. The facility was designed to accommodate the construction of a future proton vault and support space with minimal disruption to clinical operations. This included extraction of subsurface stone, one wall of the proton concrete wall will allow it to be shared with a future proton vault, and space for future infrastructure. Throughout the design process, our team coordinated with physicians and other medical team members to determine the needs of patients, families, and caregivers.

    Located at the University of Kansas Cancer Center, a National Cancer Institute designated comprehensive cancer center, the multimillion-dollar facility will serve approximately 224 patients a year, with room to expand as demand grows. In addition, Proton Therapy will further advance its research and education missions as one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers.

    Design: Hoefer Welker
    Photography: Michael Robinson