Dentakay Antalya Dental Health Polyclinic

  • area / size 7,965 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location Antalya, Turkey,
  • Duman Architects used thoughtful architectural finishes to complete the Dentakay Antalya Dental Health Polyclinic in Antalya, Turkey.

    Dentakay Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, which is located in the Lara region of Antalya and aims to make a difference in this rapidly developing sector, has a project area of 800 m2. The design of the clinic has emerged by concentrating on a total of 10 clinics, 2 of which are surgical, a striking reception area that puts the feeling of a health institution into the background at the first entrance, and the layouts that serve the functioning of all management units.

    In the entrance area, which raises the standards of waiting activity and where visitors will primarily feel comfort, a service bar has also been positioned in an appropriate design with the reception desk. In this way, patients can get fast service while waiting. In the indoor space, which follows the form of the reception desk and forms a shell at the back, the needs specific to this area, such as the back office and the luggage room, are met.

    While fluid forms come together with raw textures in design; stairs, ceilings, and walls are highlighted with their unique structural movements. The giant screen, which appears on the 680 cm high which first catches the eye when entering the polyclinic, is considered one of the main elements of the design, while constantly serving the visual perception of the waiting guests during the time they spend in the space. The perspective view is further deepened with 6 levels designed in a curvilinear form that do not follow each other on the ceiling. The conceptual diversity in the space has also been added to the dimension with the ‘decosteel’ material, which is used in a certain area at the highest level and has a reflective feature.

    A controlled passage was created by maintaining patient-staff privacy for the corridor leading to interview rooms and clinics on the ground floor. Sterile conditions have been provided with glass material on the walls of this intensive circulation line, and with the colors used, the cold perception that is customary for clinics has been broken. The concave transition movements created in the clinic entrances in parallel with the color welcome the patients into the space in a more inviting way. Not only the design; technologies such as smart screens embedded in glass surfaces, where patient & doctor names are followed for each clinic, and motion sensors used in all transitions, also integrate the in-clinic operation.

    Patients who were directed toward the upper floor, reach upstairs via a spiral staircase that helps them better grasp the gallery space. The 1st floor is supported by the plan design that keeps the patient corridor separate, and a small viewing and resting area, which is deepened by the use of plants.

    All patient treatment areas are kept separate from the reception area, while only one is meticulously displayed on the upper floor. With its glass facade, this corner clinic reveals itself from the gallery area and reminds the visitors of the main identity of the place.

    The fluid forms that are dominant in the entrance hall follow the interior dynamics in a different approach but in the same design language in the clinic. While the colors become calmer in clinical designs, the lines that gain function by opening and curling provide the right service to technical functions. The elevator, which provides the greatest service to the circulation between all floors, and the stairs down to the -1 floor are located in the rear core in the interior setup. The -1 floor, where the largest surgical clinic is located, is separated so that the patient feels more comfortable, and special services such as VIP rooms are also situated on this floor. Additionally, personnel usage areas, technical rooms, sterilization and management units are also on the same floor; the cafeteria, on the other hand, draws attention with its cafe & restaurant ambiance, emphasizing the social space effect of the place.

    In Dentakay Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, an effective level of benefit has been provided for the patient experience by contributing to the space functions in every design detail that complements the concept.

    Design: Duman Architects
    Photography: İbrahim Özbunar