Attleboro Dental Group

  • area / size 4,626 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Phase Zero Design completed an expansive space for the Attleboro Dental Group with natural tones and a welcoming experience in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

    Nearly 5,000 square feet of space combine to create an elevated patient experience at this flagship location for Bonita Practice Solutions.

    Attleboro Dental Group joins a family of seven Bonita Practice Solutions locations serving Eastern Massachusetts. Together, they aim to enhance both patient and staff experience. Creating a system of dental environments that support a wide range of individuals (and all their unique needs).

    One major goal for this space was an ability to house a wide range of dental specialties.

    With industry-leading accommodations for oral surgery and endodontics as examples, this dental suite provides top-quality specialty care in a clean and comfortable environment. Leveraging this facility enables Bonita Practice Solutions to expand its internal referral efforts. This creates a much more cohesive experience for their new and existing patients.

    13 treatment rooms comprise just over 1,400 of the total 4,626 square foot floorplan. Each one is set up in a U-Style with two entry points, one on either side of the centralized dentist chair. This improves flow for both caregivers and their patients while allowing large, floor-to-ceiling windows to replace exterior walls. Bringing light and soothing natural tones directly into each of the treatment rooms that are arranged around the perimeter of the building. Capped with barn doors, these rooms feel bright and airy while also incredibly private. These custom barn doors provide an acoustic barrier to keep external sounds out of treatment rooms, and sensitive conversation within them.

    In the middle of it all, nearly 500 square feet of support space (for labs, panels, and consultations) give staff a hub that is easily accessible from every corner of this office. Highly organized, everything here has its place to help streamline those sometimes tedious behind-the-scenes efforts. Additional staff space includes just under 1,000 square feet dedicated to a breakroom turned boardroom. This calm, comfortable, flexible space serves as a place for employees to enjoy their breaks but also functions as a conference area and board room for staff development and other important meetings.

    Where the space really stands out is the hospitality-inspired lobby and reception area that makes up the remaining 1,700 or so square feet. With end-to-end sight lines, immense natural light, and a refreshment bar: this area feels more like an entrance to a grand hotel than your typical dentist office. The open—but private—check out area improves patient confidentiality without becoming stiff. The leaves in the acrylic panels that separate each station are pulled from the organization’s original graphic tree logo, paying homage to where the brand comes from, and where it is headed.

    Throughout the entirety of this space, efforts were made to connect to existing brand themes while elevating and solidifying them as a standard for future growth. Green accent walls pull in the lush exterior, and biophilic elements like the penny-board lined reception desk and the wooden trellis that frames it work to soothe patients and staff as they enter (and exit) the space. Luxury vinyl tile and carpet seamlessly transition to create subtle wayfinding elements that enhance both safety and sanitization without sacrificing style.

    Every corner of this space has been designed to put the people who encounter it, first. Providing caregivers with the comfort, space, and resources they need to subsequently enhance the experience for the patients they serve. Creating an environment everyone looks forward to entering.

    Design: Phase Zero Design
    Photography: Elisif Brandon | Elisif Photography