CPAP Clinic

  • area / size 1,572 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location São Paulo, Brazil,
  • Type Clinic, Pediatric,
  • Angá Arquitetura creatively turned separate spaces into the CPAP Clinic for a seamless and functional area to serve patients in São Paulo, Brazil.

    Four independent units were rented to be interconnected and function as a pediatric clinic. In addition to an office for each of the 4 doctors, the space should have a reception area, playroom, bathrooms for clients and staff, breastfeeding room, vaccine room, and a small kitchen.

    The biggest challenge was fitting the entire program into the space while maintaining a smart flow of patients and doctors. Additionally, the layout of the playroom was a crucial point for the project: children should have a space to play in while waiting, but it should be as isolated as possible from the offices.

    The blue ceiling marks the entrance to the clinic and unifies the entire reception area. We turned the entrance corridor into a play area. In this way, in addition to being visible from the reception area, it was far from the doctors’ offices. A perforated panel runs along the corridor and holds toys and books for children. Further down the corridor, with a view of the entrance door, we placed the reception desk. Two colorful modular sofas create two waiting areas that feature a TV, activity table, magazine rack, and a coffee stand.

    We changed the position of the bathroom doors to the sides of the corridors to make their access more discreet, and the navy blue ceiling blends with the light blue in the waiting area.

    The colored doors in the corridor indicate the rooms of each doctor: yellow, green, blue, pink, and terracotta. The same colors are repeated in the cabinets of the room, which were carefully designed for each of the doctors. The three pediatricians have a desk and an examination bed, and the other doctor, an ENT specialist, has a desk, bookshelf, equipment, and toys, as well as a reclining chair.

    The breastfeeding room has direct access from the reception area. We created a counter that serves as support for the changing table, as well as offering a sink and microwave to heat up bottles. The armchair makes breastfeeding easier, and behind it, we created niches to display decoration and toys and to work as well as indirect lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere for babies.

    The vaccine room has a connection to the breastfeeding room, as well as independent access from the corridor. Even while following the sanitary requirements, the cabinetry brings charm to the room: all blue like the reception area ceiling.

    Finally, on the other side of the corridor there is a small kitchen equipped with a microwave, refrigerator and a table for two. Near the access to the staff bathroom there is a cleaning cabinet.

    Design: Angá Arquitetura
    Photography: Carolina Lacaz