Septiembre Clinic

  • area / size 2,153 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location Valencia, Spain,
  • Type Clinic,
  • Clap Studio was tasked with delivering the Septiembre Clinic as a fresh and creative space in Valencia, Spain.

    This project starts when Nuria decides to open an aesthetic medicine clinic in the city of Valencia with a fresh, young and disruptive character. The aim of the project was to create an aesthetic medicine clinic getting away from traditional aesthetics and that would stand-out from its communication to its interior design and user experience.

    The inspiration for the interior design comes from the month of September, which gives its name to the project, and from some very special flowers called Aster. The characteristic of these flowers is that they bloom in September and not in spring. This act of blooming, apart from being a nice simile with what happens inside the clinic, was the concept for the design of the space.

    Natural wooden stands accompanied by real and conceptual flowers represent a sinuous field of Aster flowers in bloom. The handcrafted and imperfect finishes lead us to an honest, relaxed and far from artifice space where naturalness is key. Cream tones contrast with the desaturated blue of the brand and a sun that illuminates and gives energy to the space.

    Inside (Septiembre) all the conceptual flowers are removable, being able to leave the whole of the stands empty so that more people can be accommodated if the space is used for product presentations or events. These stands that conceptualize the Aster flowers, are product stands or stands for magazines and books.

    “The aim of (September) is for the user to achieve calm and wellbeing. With this in mind, inside the treatment rooms we added curtains that cover the entire perimeter in a curved shape. These curtains hide all the visual noise typical of clinics and also blur the straight lines and sharp corners of the walls,” says Jordi Iranzo, Clap’s creative director. These curved shapes and the soft texture of the curtains transport the user to the inside of their own bubble, to that ‘me time’, a state of calm and peace that is emphasized by the use of dim lighting on the walls and ceiling.

    (September) is a young brand that is constantly playing between the bold and the restrained. In the same way, in the interior we look for a balance between natural materials in cream tones and industrial finishes with bold shades such as yellow or blue, characteristic of the brand.

    Design: Clap Studio
    Photography: Daniel Rueda