Southdale Pediatrics Clinic

  • area / size 10,600 sqft
  • Completed 2023
  • Type Clinic, Pediatric,
  • BDH has created a positive experience for both patients and staff with the design of the Southdale Pediatrics Clinic in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

    Southdale Pediatrics relocated from an outdated clinic in a class B building to a 10,600-square-foot suite inside One Southwest Crossing, a prominent class A office building in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

    The clinic’s iconic branding elements were transferred over to the new space, but they were modernized with the move. The quintessential sea turtles that were previously reflected in the carpet, swam their way over to the new space and are featured on wallcoverings and ceiling tiles in the exam rooms alongside sharks, sting rays, and other marine animals. In addition to adding artistic character, the sea creatures and wallcoverings also function as wayfinding elements.

    Along with the clinic branding, the lab design was another major consideration on this project. Significantly larger than the former laboratory, this lab was designed as a centralized lab to support medical testing for patients served at all three Southdale Pediatrics locations. The demountable walls and the reconfigurable furniture and casework will allow the space to evolve in conjunction with advancements in technology and the needs of the clinic.

    Another major factor contributing to the clinic layout was the need for natural light. Daylight has healing powers, can substantially impact mood, and it elevates workplace satisfaction and productivity. Therefore, the exam rooms are positioned in the center of the clinic, which gives the doctors, nurses, and support staff direct access to windows in the provider lounge and enables the healing properties of natural light to permeate throughout the entire clinic for all users to enjoy.

    The combination of the strategic space plan and sophisticated aesthetic will retain patients and staff for years to come. Although the sea creatures swimming about the space cultivate interaction from young children, the saturated color palette and refined finishes balance out the playfulness that has been rooted in Southdale Pediatrics’ brand for multiple decades. The harmony thoughtfully incorporated into the design will maintain the patient base as young children age into mature adolescents.

    Design: BDH
    Contractor: Steiner Construction
    Furniture: Intereum
    Photography: Farm Kid Studios