Clínica Sant Josep

  • area / size 6,135 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Location Manresa, Spain,
  • Type Clinic,
  • Susanna Cots Interior Design embraced nature when completing the Clínica Sant Josep in Manresa, Spain.

    Emotional interior architecture applied to healthcare facilities
    Science shows that human beings are likely to model our emotional state on the things that surround us. This premise is the origin of Susanna Cots’ leitmotiv in this clinic: comfort, nature and light. The designer seeks to transform our feelings into a healthcare centre.

    Light, wood and nature: invisible elements of a design that soothes the emotions
    Crafting these components as great invisible elements, Susanna Cots has designed an intimate space created for the patients with fine traditional materials that contribute calm and serenity.

    We begin the tour in the waiting rooms, designed as wooden cubes that protect and comfort from the emotions of arrival and expectation. The architecture makes the patient feel that “this is the right place”.

    The continuity with the rest of the rooms is always produced through the real or symbolic presence of nature. In the reception area this is conceptualised by stylised tubular trees that simulate the nature that surrounds us.

    Another nexus is provided by wood, mainly through the ceiling of fine woods that guides us intuitively around the whole clinic.

    Finally, the light is used to emotionally unite – imperceptibly – the various spaces by creating a play of shadows that makes the space vibrate and soothes the emotions.

    The consulting rooms are enclaves where we find the ancient presence that produces a fusion of past and present. The savoir faire of the modernist era is represented with antique details and the original glass doors, all treated with affection and respect.

    Design: Susanna Cots Interior Design
    Photography: Mauricio Fuertes