Martín & Encabo Clínica Dental

  • area / size 1,184 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Location Madrid, Spain,
  • Alem Arquitectura designed the Martín & Encabo Clínica Dental as a bright and thoughtful space in Madrid, Spain.

    In this dental clinic project, we had a very long space, with a fairly narrow façade, so the priority was to gain as much light as possible. For this, it is distributed favoring open spaces and visual communications between spaces with the use of glass.

    The closed and opaque areas are arranged in the same space, occupying one side of the premises. These are lined with colored laminated glass that, thanks to its finish, provides cleanliness to an area with intensive use (bathrooms, x-ray and sterilization rooms), and due to its reflection, provides light to the entire depth of the premises. The clinic’s distributor has a broken route to save the existing structural elements, in this facing we integrated floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets.

    Access to the cabinets is through 110 cm wide pivot doors made of frosted glass, which provides privacy without losing the luminosity of the transparent glass. Oak wood is used in details to provide warmth to waiting areas and in the steps to the cabinets through lintels and jambs to mark the width of the broken partition. The flooring of the clinic is solved with a continuous vinyl in a roll glued on a level base to favor the cleaning and asepsis necessary in the sanitary spaces.

    In this project, we have guaranteed that all spaces for public use are accessible, maintaining a minimum corridor width and ensuring an internal diameter of 150 cm in interior spaces. We believe that in healthcare spaces universal accessibility should be a premise, integrating regulatory requirements into the design from the start

    Design: Alem Arquitectura
    Photography: David Ballester