Lucía Pérez Clinica Dermatologica

  • area / size 1,098 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Location Madrid, Spain,
  • Type Clinic,
  • Alem Arquitectura designed the Lucía Pérez Clinica Dermatologica with a clean and minimal look in Madrid, Spain.

    The medical center will be used on the specialties of dermatology and aesthetics, caring for patients regardless of age.

    The access is through a patio in the residential building. A previous space provides the clinic with privacy and discretion. In addition, the patio is configured as a reinterpretation of traditional Mediterranean architecture, with the materiality of exposed brick and the modernity of concrete and steel. The fountain located in the central space provides sensations of calm and serenity, creating a first positive experience for the patient.

    Once inside the clinic, the natural lighting of the spaces is maximized through the double orientation from two patios on the ground floor. The continuous and open space is perceived, separating the reception and access area from a living room made with a continuous bench.

    The medical center has two symmetrical consultation rooms located behind the counter, with acid-etched satin glass doors providing light without compromising patient privacy. It also has an area for minor surgery for interventions to be carried out in dermatology and aesthetics procedures, meeting the requirements demanded by the health department of the Community of Madrid.

    The materials used in the medical center project provide warmth through natural wood. The furniture and interior paint tones combine perfectly with the chromatic range of the leather, reinforcing the corporate image and differential brand values of the clinic.

    In Alem arquitectura we develop the architecture project in an integral way.

    We begin providing guidance on the acquisition of the premises. We develop a functional distribution, optimising the needs of the center. We are also involved designing the corporate image and its integration into the clinic interior design.

    Our team of architects develops all the documentation to process municipal licenses and health authorizations.

    Subsequently, we carry out the tender for the construction work with several companies, seeking the most economically favorable and controlling the final quality.

    This is the result of good teamwork, customer trust and previous experience in health centers.

    Design: Alem Arquitectura
    Photography: David Ballester