Minnesota Oncology Maple Grove Clinic

  • area / size 20,100 sqft
  • Completed 2023
  • Type Clinic,
  • BDH worked to create a welcoming and technologically advanced space for the Minnesota Oncology Maple Grove Clinic in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

    The Overview
    Spanning 20,100 square feet, Minnesota Oncology occupies the entire first floor of the Maple Grove Specialty Center. The clinic features exam rooms, a diagnostic suite, infusion bays, and a pharmacy. The clinic was thoughtfully designed to provide comprehensive care to individuals navigating their cancer journey and simultaneously elevate the experience for staff.

    Special Design Considerations
    Due to the intricacies of cancer treatment, the design team was intentional about devising solutions that would support the ground-breaking technology used for medical diagnosis and treatment and uphold health and safety regulations. The diagnostic suite, which contains a cutting-edge PET CT scanner, features lead brick walls to shield patients and staff from radiation exposure. Additionally, the pharmacy, which is used for compounding chemotherapy and non-chemotherapy medications, was specifically designed to adhere to USP 797 and USP 800 standards. The mechanical systems were strategically coordinated to support secure ventilation in the chemotherapy mixing rooms and the seamless epoxy floor and cleanable materials allow for safe and easy sanitization. These design considerations permitted Minnesota Oncology to broaden their treatment options and expand their practice.

    The Patient Experience
    A bright and light color palette infused with warm wood tones and multiple textures drives the therapeutic aesthetic. The abundance of light seeping into the infusion bay and the natural landscapes incorporated into the ceiling tiles bring elements of the outdoors inside and contribute to a healing environment. On top of the aesthetic, the design team was intentional about creating opportunities for social connection because research indicates that peer support during cancer treatment leads to a higher quality of life and better outcomes. Featuring partial height walls and privacy curtains, the open infusion bay balances solitude with the opportunity to interact with others. The design team was also understanding of the innate challenges of undergoing cancer treatment. The clinic features separate entrances for patients visiting the clinic for follow up exams and patients actively undergoing treatment to expedite flow, promote sensitivity to the cancer journey, and safeguard the health of immunocompromised patients.

    The Staff Experience
    Although healthcare facilities must be designed with the patient experience top of mind, considering the staff experience is also significant, especially when staffing shortages are a mounting concern. Designing an efficient layout was crucial. Departmental adjacencies were a major consideration, and all areas designated for staff are seamlessly connected to shorten travel distances, strengthen resource sharing, enhance collaboration, and improve the delivery of care. Additionally, the primary nurse station is positioned in a central location to enhance synergy within care teams and allow nurses to easily check on patients.

    Recognizing the inherent emotional nature of working in an oncology clinic and ensuring staff well-being was also vitally important. A dedicated wellness room provides a space for caregivers to find respite. Additionally, the nurse station, physician offices, and break room are located along windows to maximize access to natural light, which is proven to positively impact well-being and workplace satisfaction.

    With its advanced technology, seamless flow, and healing aesthetic, Minnesota Oncology is a thoughtfully crafted clinic that prioritizes patient and staff needs.

    Design: BDH
    Contractor: Timco Construction
    Photography: Brandon Stengel | Farm Kid Studios