Bitehaus Dental Hillsdale

  • area / size 2,034 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location Toronto, Canada,
  • PROP Architecture designed a sophisticated and modern space for the Bithaus Dental Hillside in Toronto, Canada.

    The success of their first Bitehaus Dental led to the opening of their second location at Yonge and Hillsdale in Toronto. The unit has a wide and expansive storefront and the aim was to tie all of the elements together visually as a whole from the exterior. This was achieved using angles created by interior elements such as the metal sun shading verticals, green walls, and window frames that gradually slope up from either side reaching a peak in the middle.

    The dentist also wanted to create a strong tie to the outdoors with natural materials and colours. The flooring is a wood like porcelain tile, the cabinetry is made from solid white oak and paint colours are inspired by the forest.

    There was also a mandate to reduce the stigma of being a space that is closed off from public view from the outside. Visually, the space is illuminated at night and lit up to let passers by know that there is nothing to hide.

    Design: PROP Architecture
    Contractor: Bellsam Contracting
    Photography: Kuba Los