SUBLIME Health Science and Technology Centre

  • area / size 7,240 sqft
  • Completed 2023
  • Location Hangzhou, China,
  • Lu Design Studio completed the SUBLIME Health Science and Technology Centre with a minimal design in Hangzhou, China.

    The SUBLIME Health Science and Technology Centre, located in a modern commercial building in the CBD of Hangzhou, takes Chinese medicine as its starting point and performs six functions in a space of just 500 square metres: medical care, comprehensive experience, international exchange, expert consultation, training and research. While fulfilling these functions, the aura of the space had to strike a balance between gentle oriental aesthetics and the internationalisation of modern technology.

    The multi-functional core area consists of a reception, lobby and meeting room, which is divided by glass to maximise daylight and keep the space open and bright. This area can be used for daily receptions, lounges, training and meetings for 5-25 people and also meets the needs of relatively open-ended negotiations. The business sectors and the medical attributes space are located at either end of the core meeting area to meet the privacy needs of the various users. At the end of the clinic corridor is the oxygen chamber experience room, equipped with a dedicated changing room.

    The entire space is made up of straight lines and circles, and the materials and colour scheme are as unobtrusive as possible, sculpting only what is necessary for functionality and removing all unnecessary decoration. The soft furnishings are also all in the simplest style, with smooth lines and soft materials to complement the space, with water, light and scenery adding charm to the space. The result is a calm, serene and intimate atmosphere in which the spatial language of modernism and the “Taoism of Nature” of the ancient Orient go hand in hand.

    Design: Lu Design Studio
    Design Team: Cheng Lu, Li Jun, Tang Yujia
    Photography: Fu Qingyuan