Cloudbreak Eye Care – University District

  • area / size 3,600 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location Calgary, Canada,
  • Type Clinic,
  • Block Licensed Interior Design designed Cloudbreak Eye Care’s University District location in Calgary, Canada.

    The Block Licensed Interior Design Team was commissioned by Cloudbreak Eye Care to serve as the strategic design partner for the second clinic location in the newly developed University District in Calgary, Alberta. Recognizing Cloudbreak’s leadership and innovation in Ophthalmology, our mission was to create a forward-thinking and highly functional space that fosters an environment of innovation and adaptability.

    The space planning requirements including for prioritizing proper adjacencies, clearances, and optimizing both staff and flow and privacy as well as optimizing natural light in open areas and controlling exposure in testing areas. The design team lead collaborative discussions with the client team to ensure high functionality within spaces and adaptability to future technologies and medical techniques and allowing for the space to become a teaching and presentation space. Exploration of construction approaches led to the adoption of a demountable system to allow for enhanced technology integrations, future adaptability, and increased clearances within spaces.

    The design concept strategically marries durability with timeless aesthetics to ensure a lasting and visually pleasing environment throughout the clinic. Open seating areas, complemented by changes in finishes and millwork details, foster a comforting connection to the space and also assist in wayfinding through the clinic.

    This completed space aligns with the clinic’s commitment to excellence, education and advancement in their field, and fostering a positive experience for both patients and staff.

    Design: Block Licensed Interior Design
    Contractor: Labbe Leech Interiors
    Furniture Dealer: McCrum’s Office Furnishings
    Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography