Docrates Cancer Center

  • Completed 2023
  • Location Helsinki, Finland,
  • Type Hospital,
  • Kohina designed the expansion for Docrates Cancer Center with a focus on technical needs in Helsinki, Finland.

    Setting a new standard for cancer care in Finland, our state-of-the-art facilities are not merely spaces but a testament to a cutting-edge spatial concept that redefines patient care. This concept seamlessly integrates with the high-quality service provided, fostering an environment that transcends traditional healthcare settings.

    Docrates Cancer Center, located in Helsinki, proudly stands as the pioneer and currently the sole private hospital in the Nordic countries offering a comprehensive specialization in cancer treatment.

    Kohina, the visionary mastermind behind Docrates’ spatial concept, carefully designed timeless, inviting, and easily accessible spaces. The high-quality ambiance of these spaces has not only adapted but flourished with the facility’s growth, creating a robust foundation for the entire Docrates brand.

    In the conceptualization of the Docrates Cancer Center, our commitment to the company’s core values of ‘Human beings to other human beings’ was not just a guiding principle but a driving force. Every element has been thoughtfully designed, keeping in mind the unique needs and experiences of both patients and staff.

    Our design approach aimed not just to meet but to exceed expectations by centralizing various service components and optimizing the functionality of spaces. Material choices, coupled with a meticulous focus on acoustics, textiles, and a harmonious color palette, were pivotal in elevating the overall comfort and aesthetics.

    Employee well-being took center stage, providing the staff with more than just facilities — a haven of comfort, spaciousness, and aesthetic appeal. Special attention was given to the tranquility, comfort, and acoustics within the spaces. The profound silence of the premises is not merely quiet; it’s a calming and pleasant embrace. Our design prioritized the functionality needs and comfort of procedure rooms, rest areas, the instrument sterilization room, and the care mammography rooms. The facilities for nurses and doctors were expanded and tailored to individual needs, guaranteeing a workspace that resonates with each professional.

    We are celebrating Docrates Cancer Center’s successful transformation in spatial design; our joint commitment to crafting healing environments will endure, securing the continued prominence of the Docrates experience in compassionate and cutting-edge cancer care. Our journey continues, as does our dedication to revolutionizing the landscape of healthcare.

    Design: Kohina
    Photography: Riikka Kantinkoski