Eudelo Clinic

  • area / size 1,209 sqft
  • Completed 2023
  • Location London, England,
  • Type Clinic,
  • SHH completed the Eudelo Clinic as a bright and sophisticated space in London, England.

    SHH has once again partnered with dermatologist specialist Eudelo to craft the aesthetic of their latest private skin clinic on Sloane Avenue, nestled in the heart of Kensington and Chelsea.

    Building on their successful collaboration for Eudelo’s flagship clinic in Vauxhall back in 2016, SHH infuses its expertise into this second Chelsea location, showcasing a distinctive retail emphasis. This unique feature caters not only to those seeking dermatological treatments but also to clients in search of skincare product consultations.

    The design concept for the Chelsea clinic revolves around presenting a thoughtfully curated selection of skincare products, including Eudelo’s new cosmetic line, Delo RX, designed for a comprehensive step-by-step skincare routine. SHH has artfully addressed this by creating dedicated spaces for casual consultations and an expansive display of cosmetic products. Natural materials, such as timber and limestone, have been seamlessly integrated to evoke a nature-inspired aesthetic.

    Upon entering, visitors are welcomed by a central counter meticulously crafted from natural limestone. This standout feature not only serves as a social hub opposite the bar area but also doubles as an experience table for product demonstrations, consultations, and collaborative discussions between clients and staff. The incorporation of natural stone adds sophistication to the space, establishing an environment that is both inviting and natural.

    The interior design effortlessly harmonizes a palette of natural materials and tones to create a comfortable ambience. A subtle touch of timber on the ceiling serves as a portal frame upon entry. Display units strategically line the walls, showcasing Eudelo’s carefully curated cosmetic products. The use of timber and satin nickel on these units blends modern aesthetics with a hint of classic charm.

    Led by top dermatologist, author, and key opinion leader Dr. Stefanie Williams, Eudelo Dermatology & Skin Wellbeing stands as a multi-award-winning skin clinic in central London, seamlessly blending cosmetic and medical dermatology. Rooted in the strong tradition of Dermatology in Continental Europe, Eudelo takes a thorough and comprehensive view of skincare.

    Design: SHH
    Photography: Ed Reeve