Four Rooms – ENT and Dentist Clinic

RC Architects has designed a bespoke clinic in Mumbai that seamlessly combines dental and ENT care, with each room strategically divided and beautifully designed to create a healing and inviting atmosphere.

  • area / size 500 sqft
  • Completed 2023
  • Location Mumbai, India,
  • Located in the heart of Goregaon West, Mumbai, a dynamic partnership of healthcare professionals has expertly integrated their skills into the framework of a bespoke clinic that serves as a testament to their unwavering dedication to wellness. The architect’s vision has breathed life into a space that transcends the ordinary.

    A Unified Vision
    This formidable couple envisioned a healthcare sanctuary that seamlessly combines dental and ENT care under one roof.

    The 500 square feet space is strategically divided into four rooms, each serving a distinct purpose. The first room, the reception establishes the clinic’s commitment to efficiency without compromising on aesthetics. The tasteful decor and ambient lighting create an inviting atmosphere, dispelling any apprehensions patients may harbor. Upon entering the clinic, visitors are welcomed by a meticulously designed reception area adorned with a soothing palette of pink and white, providing a comfortable setting for up to 10 patients. Here, patients can effortlessly schedule appointments and wait in tranquility. The ambiance is thoughtfully curated to alleviate the often apprehensive anticipation associated with healthcare visits.

    The second room, the dentist’s room, adorned in calming dark blue and white tones, fostering a serene atmosphere for dental consultations and treatments. The dental domain stands as a testament to precision and care. The second room houses state-of-the-art dental facilities, where patients receive top-notch oral care in an environment that seamlessly blends clinical efficiency with warmth.

    The third room, the ENT clinic bathed in natural sunlight, courtesy of expansive windows. This infusion of daylight not only creates a warm and inviting ambiance but, adorned in light green and white hues, these spaces are dedicated to ensuring that specialized care needs are met with expertise. The atmosphere here is meticulously designed to soothe, offering solace to patients seeking specialized ear, nose, and throat treatment.

    The fourth room, the procedure room, specialized ENT procedures are conducted here, utilizing cutting-edge technology and adhering to the highest standards of patient care. The room serves as a hub of medical precision, offering a seamless transition from diagnosis to treatment.

    In the bustling landscape of Goregaon West, this clinic distinguishes itself as the fusion of expertise and empathy, creates an environment that resembles more of a healing retreat than a conventional medical facility—a haven where health meets harmony.

    Design: RC Architects
    Project Team: Rohan Chavan, Shamika Kothari, Abhishek Suryavanshi
    Photography: Yadnyesh Joshi, Shamika Kothari